Geometry Dash Retro Circles


Try playing Geometry Dash Retro Circles which is a 2.0 Easy Demon developed by Nacho21. Traverse the deadly maze and pick up all three stars along the way.

This game is a retro-styled remake of Geometry Dash Nine Circles. In this game, you will transform into different characters such as a cube, ship, ball, and wave. Your target is to run in the deadly maze and reach the end in the shortest time. Watch out! There are numerous obstacles such as spikes, double spikes, rotating buzzsaws, and so on along the way. Jump or fly up to evade them.

If you are crazy about Geometry Dash, don't ignore this game. Besides, don't forget to check out other versions such as Geometry Dash Sweet Dreams, Geometry Dash Pulsar, and Geometry Dash Silent Circles on our website.

How to control: Click the left mouse button to jump or fly up.

All user coins in Geometry Dash Retro Circles

In addition to running, another mission in this game is to collect three coins scattered along the way. Here are their specific positions.

  • The first coin is located at 35%.
  • The second coin can be found at 40% when you go down the tiger and harder road.
  • The third coin appears at 94% when you are about to reach the end.
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