Geometry Dash Meltdown


Geometry Dash Meltdown is a challenging platform with several risks and simple controls. You must hop, fly, and climb your way through dark dungeons and obstacles.

There are two or three possibilities to start with: extreme and timeless. Then, in the others, you'll have to strive to pass at least one position that was initially designed for newcomers. Jump over the obstacles, trying not to fall into one of the traps. To re-evaluate passages, you can unlock perks and skills.

As you fly, hop, and turn your way through spiked barricades, bend your fingers. Plan a Geometry Dash trip full of animals and damage you never imagined imaginable.

The game is a terrific sequel to the original popular Geometry Dash. You will be lost in an entirely another universe of creatures and spikes. You can find out by playing the game.

How to play

Use up arrow key / space / left-cick to dodge the obstacles.

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