Gary's World


Gary's World is a brand-new old-school adventure game in which you must help Gary save the beautiful Princess at the adventure's end goal by sprinting through the mysterious forest, hopping over obstacles, and avoiding terrifying monsters.

When you first enter Gary's World, you will notice how much the main character resembles Mario. But nothing in the name suggested the presence of a famous plumber, and it isn't him. Gary is the hero's name, and all he wants to do is be like Mario. He wears the same colour jumpsuit, has a lush moustache, and wears a red cap, but she has the letter G, not M. Our hero wants to be as popular as the famous character, but by doing the same, he is unlikely to be able to replicate his success. But don't offend Gary; his adventures are also entertaining, and you'll enjoy them. He begins his journey along the platforms, and snails, mushrooms, and other creatures will appear to greet him, on which you can jump or jump over. In Gary's World, you can collect items and break gold blocks.

How to play

  • Arrows: to jump and move
  • Space: Fire
  • Z: Use mutant liquid
  • Eat power liquid and items to become stronger and defeat all monsters
  • Collect all coins and bonus items to get more points and buy additional items in the store.
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