Galactic Flight


Get ready to participate in galaxy fights in Galactic Flight. Take control of the hero to fight against a variety of enemies and rescue escape pods.

The Chitauri are invading Knowhere and they need support. As a powerful hero, you are assigned to help them. Your task is to defeat various opponents and save escape pods. Be careful! Your rivals are really strong and crowded. You must try to stay away from them and aim accurately to shoot down all of them. Hover over enemies before they die to absorb their powers. Besides, you should collect all orbs on the levels to unlock the bonus level. The level will be completed when all enemies are destroyed and the assigned mission is finished. This game has many levels with increasing degrees of difficulty, which is similar to Geometry Dash. The higher the level, the more strong opponents you have to confront. Do your best to accomplish all levels.

Come on! It's time to get into action. Let's show us your power.

How to control

Press ARROW KEYS to control the hero

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