Furious Ride


Participate in breathtaking chases in Furious Ride. Try your best to shoot down your enemies and destroy their cars to stop them from chasing you.

You will transform into a very dangerous outlaw who is followed by a bunch of agents. Jump into your company's car and shoot your opponents. Try to aim accurately and kill all your rivals chasing behind you. One tip is to shoot down the driver first. If the driver gets hurt, the car will be uncontrolled and then explode. Do your best to get rid of all enemies to complete the level and earn a lot of money. Spend that money to unlock new skins and more powerful guns!

Come on! It is an opportunity to show off the shooting skills that you learned in Toys Shooter You Vs Zombies. If you enjoy this game, let's try playing Apple Shooter, Geometry Dash, and Gun Fest.

How to control

Click the left mouse to shoot.

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