Funny Food Duel


Funny Food Duel is a fun reaction game in which dogs and cats compete for food portions. Each time you win a duel, you will gain access to new characters.

Allow your dog or cat to compete against a hungry food rival to see who can be the first to reach the tasty morsels hidden beneath the warming hood. Be the first to finish all seven portions by acting quickly. You only have 10 minutes to win, but the quicker your pet fills up the victory point bar, the better.

When the lid is lifted, the player must quickly determine whether the food is edible or not. Cats and dogs can eat a variety of foods, but if the snacks are moldy and slimy, or if the food is still wrapped in plastic, they should be avoided. If they do, they will become ill! The A-key and the left arrow key can be used to make the pets jump onto the table. The player can save points in order to unlock new animals.

How to play:

Single Player Controls

  • Use A or the left mouse button

Two-Player Controls

  • Player 1 uses A
  • Player 2 uses the left arrow key
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