Flying Motorbike Real Simulator


Drive a real flying motorbike in Flying Motorbike Real Simulator. Pick up many passengers and drop them in the designated places to earn a lot of money.

Play this game now to get a chance to drive a flying bike in the sky. It is an awesome playing experience. In this game, you will be assigned different missions. For example, you have to pick up passengers and drop them in the designated places in the city. Drive your motorbike to go as fast as possible to complete the missions in the shortest time. Utilize the mini-map at the top left of the screen to know the positions of your passengers. You will be rewarded with a lot of money after accomplishing a mission. Don't forget to enjoy the stunning view of the city when you fly in the sky. If you are keen on this game, don't ignore other games of the same style such as Real Sports Flying Car 3D, Ultimate Flying Car, and Geometry Dash.

How to control

Press WASD keys to move.

Press a B key to use the handbrake.

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