Fishing 3 Online

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About Fishing 3 Online


Join Fishing 3 Online to save the cute baby fish in the pond. Dig a tunnel from the pond to the well to get water and collect three stars along the way.

A little fish lives in a small pond. However, this pond is in shortage of water. Can you help it? Your task is to dig a tunnel from the pond to the well. Then, turn the valve in the well to pour the water into the pond. Be careful with the nearby obstacles. If you draw a path through them, the water will not get to the pond. Therefore, you should draw a path to avoid them. Besides, the path should cross three stars to collect them. Try your best to keep the fish hydrated to complete the level. Note that you will lose one life after completing the levels. When you run out of lives, wait for minutes to refill the lives automatically.

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How to play

Use the mouse to play