Fire Balls


Destroy many colorful towers in Fire Balls. Use the cannon to shoot constantly at the rotating towers to destroy them and get the highest possible score.

Your mission in this game is to destroy different colorful towers which rotate constantly. Use the cannon to shoot at them constantly. However, you should take caution with the obstacles near the towers. They move around the towers. If your bullet hits them, the game is over. Therefore, you had better evade them at all costs. You can click on the Invincible Shooting button on the right of the screen to activate the shield for 10 seconds. The shield will increase the power of the bullet and help to destroy the obstacles easily. Do your best to eliminate as many towers as possible to get the highest possible score. Come on! Join the game now and unwind your mind. If you are keen on this game, try playing Geometry Dash which also is an interesting game.

How to control

Click the left mouse to shoot

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