Escape From Deathmark Dungeon

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About Escape From Deathmark Dungeon


Join Escape From Deathmark Dungeon which is an awesome adventure game. Fight against enemies and try to escape from the dungeon as soon as possible.

After completing an adventure, you come back to your home. On the way, you have to go through the wilderness. At this place, you are kidnapped by monsters, taken to their dungeon, and imprisoned. It's time to escape from the dungeon. Try to defeat your enemies along the way and get out of this dungeon as soon as possible. Good luck!

This game features seven dungeon worlds with one of two characters. Choose your favorite character and escape all dungeons as quickly as possible. After getting out of the dungeons in this game, you can play Minimal Dungeon RPG, Sticky Road, Icy Purple Head 3, and Geometry Dash for more exciting adventures.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to move.

Click the right mouse button to attack.