Drift Race 3D


Drift Race 3D is a fun driving game in which you have to go on the endless road, defeat your enemies, drift to the finish line, and become a winner.

Prepare for a fun racing experience!

You must defeat your opponent and finish first in the race in this game. To win, you don't have to put in a lot of effort. That's all you'll need is your mouse!

Your goal in this entertaining racing game is to complete each stage by drifting. Your car starts moving ahead automatically when you start the game. You'll click or press at the appropriate time to make the drift so you may continue. You should be cautious and efficient with your time because if your automobile crashes, the game is finished. You will receive coins for completing the levels. Increase your earning potential by unlocking more cars! Best of luck!

Features of Drift Race 3D

  • Addictive game
  • Unlock cars

How to play

  • Tap to turn right
  • Release to turn left
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