Doodle Jump


Doodle Jump is an endless platformer game developed by Lima Sky studio. You will control the character to go as high as possible while avoiding obstacles.

To play Doodle Jump, simply move your cursor from left to right to reach the platforms. To shoot, left-click. The gameplay is infinite, so jump for as long as you can to get the highest score.

In Doodle Jump, there are various strategies to travel faster and increase your score faster. The first method is to use the springs to help your small alien fly higher. You'll also come across rocket boosters and a propeller cap, which will let you climb higher. Along with boosters that propel your alien to new heights, obstacles add a new level of difficulty to the gameplay. The first threat you'll face is brown platforms that break when touched, but this is a minor issue.

Aliens and black holes are the most concerning threats. Make careful to jump with caution to prevent headbutting someone by jumping up too quickly. This also makes shooting them and moving forward easier.

How to play:

Use navigation keys to play.

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