Dirt Bike Racing Duel


Ride your bike at a breakneck speed in Dirt Bike Racing Duel. Drive your bike to reach the finish line as soon as possible to gain three stars and many coins.

It's time to race with your friends. Jump into your bike and drive it at a fast speed to cross the finish line in the shortest time. Keep in mind that your racetrack is really bumpy and full of obstacles. Therefore, you must try to keep the bike balanced to avoid flipping.

There are two game modes in this game. They are 1P and 2P. In the 1P mode, your goal is to get to the finish line to gain 3 stars and many coins. In the 2P mode, you can challenge your friends to race with you. Play this game and start the breathtaking races now. If you are interested in this game, don't forget to check out Dirt Bike Stunts 3D, Biker Battle 3D, and Geometry Dash.

How to control


Press a W key to go.

Press an S key to use the handbrake.

Press the A-D keys to keep the balance.


Press an Up Arrow Key to go.

Press a Down Arrow Key to use the handbrake.

Press Left-Right Arrow Keys to keep the balance

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