Death Run 3D


Death Run 3D is a high-speed dodging game for only the most skilled players. You fly inside a tube filled with fluorescent lights, avoid all roadblocks.

This game includes four tracks: Mael-Strom, Super-Luminal, Hyper Super-Luminal, and Hyper Mael-Strom. The difficulty level of each track will vary. Allow us to choose a track that is appropriate for your skill level.

You will run automatically in 3D space in Death Run 3D. You will be running through a pipeline with difficult terrain. You must avoid the cubes that appear to stop you. You will lose and the game will end if you hit them.

The interesting aspect of this game is that you will be playing from the "first-person perspective". As a result, you will be unable to see the terrain ahead. This game truly tests the player. Let's see how many tracks you can get through.

How to play:

To move in this game, use the WASD or arrow keys.

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