Dark World


Play Dark World to explore the deadly dark world with a little hero. Fight against numerous enemies and collect as many blue gems as possible.

Jump into an exciting adventure with a little hero in the dark world. In this world, you will encounter many opponents such as skeleton archers, dead witches, and bone warriors. The skeleton archer can shoot an arrow in a straight line. The dead witch can cast a blast of magic at your positions. The bone warrior can swing his sword and deal damage to his enemy in any direction. Be careful! Grab your sword and kill all rivals you meet along the way. Jump as high as possible to overcome obstacles and gather as many gems as possible.

Play this game now to explore the dark world now. If you want to join more adventures, check out Super Jungle World, Geometry Dash, Pig Dasher, and Mario And Banzai.

How to control


Press A-D keys to move.

Press the Spacebar to hit.

Press a C key to throw a dagger.

Press a W key to jump.


Touch the buttons on the screen to play.

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