Cycling Hero

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About Cycling Hero


Join a thrilling race on the endless racetrack in Cycling Hero. Ride your bike to go as fast as possible to overtake your opponents and avoid obstacles.

In this game, you will get a chance to participate in exciting endless races. In the race, you need to ride your bike to race with the other three riders. Go over the arrow symbols on the track to increase your speed and overtake your rivals. Eliminate your rivals by bumping them from your rear wheel and gain bonus points. Be careful! The racetrack is full of slopes and puddles. They will make you flip or decrease your speed. Try to evade the puddles and keep your balance when you go over the slopes.

Play this game now and show us the riding skills that you learned in Cycle Sprint. After playing this game, you should try other fantastic games which are Geometry Dash and Cycle Extreme.

How to control

Press Arrow Keys to control the bike