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About Cuphead


Play Cuphead which is a classic running game developed by Studio MDHR. Control a guy with a cup head to jump over the spikes and reach the exit door safely.

In this game, you will traverse different worlds with a guy named Cuphead. Watch out! There are many spiky traps along the way. You must control the character to jump as high as possible to overcome the traps. Besides, there are many coins scattered on the path. You have to collect all of them at all costs. After the coins are collected, the door which leads to the next world will appear. Attempt to reach the door safely to move on to the next level.

This game has 30 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Try your best to accomplish all of them in the shortest time. After finishing the adventure in this game, you can check out Geometry Dash to embark on another exciting adventure with a square character.

How to control

  • Click the left mouse button to jump.