Cube Dash


Get ready to explore five mysterious worlds in Cube Dash. Take control of a cube to jump over all dangers on the path and pass through many portals.

If you are too familiar with the cube in Geometry Dash, play this game now to join more exciting adventures with this cube. In this game, you will guide the cube to slide as fast as possible to reach the destination. The path is full of spike traps which will hurt the character. Therefore, you need to jump as high as possible to overcome them. Passing through many portals is also your mission in this game. These portals have the function of changing the appearance of the cube. The cube can transform into a ship, a UFO, a wave, and so on. Do your best to reach the destination to unlock the next world. This game offers 5 mysterious worlds. Play the game now to explore all worlds in the game. After conquering all the worlds in this game, you can play Animal Dash And Jump, Neon Dash 2, and Geo Dash 2 to join more adventures with the cube character.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to jump.

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