Cookie Crush 4


Welcome to Cookie Crush 4 which is an excellent matching game. Connect three or more sweet desserts to crush them and gain the highest possible score.

If you are a big fan of matching games such as Yummy Tales 2, you must be too familiar with the playing rules of this game. In this game, you must match three or more delicious cookies or donuts to eliminate them from the board. Match four ones to create Line Blast or Cross Blast. The Line Blast can clear a row of cookies or donuts while the Cross Blast can destroy a column of sweet desserts at once. If you connect five cookies or donuts, a Color Bomb will be created. It can be matched with any sweet dessert and clear all this dessert on the board at once. Try your best to remove as many cookies or donuts as possible and get the highest possible score. Complete the level in the shortest time and gain three stars.

This game was developed by SOFTGAMES Mobile Entertainment Services GmbH which also created Hawaii Match 3. It was released in July 2022.

How to play: Use the mouse to play

The levels in Cookie Crush 4

There are hundreds of levels with different degrees of difficulty in this game. You must complete them in order and try to get three stars in each level. When completing the levels, you will get many opportunities to open treasure chests. These chests contain a lot of surprising rewards such as power-ups, lives, coins, and stars. Play the game now and have fun. If you enjoy this game, try playing Geometry Dash to have more moments of entertainment.

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