Civilization is a fascinating adventure game. Your task is to build your base by gathering as many resources as possible and progress to more advanced eras.

You will transform into an ancient human character. You will explore new lands and new eras of humanity. But first, you need to build the Town Hall, which is your main building. You will receive instructions to complete the house construction. Go around your area and look for resources. Here you can find meat, stone, iron, fire, and firewood. Collect as much as possible. You will need them as you build your base. After completing the mission, you will come to other attractive assignments. Try to make this place to be prosperous. Then you will be in new eras, where humanity gradually becomes more crowded and civilized life is much more modern.

The game combines adventure elements with exciting work experience. The third-person game gives you the whole perspective of where you're going to grow, so it's become more brilliant over the years. Can you exploit other valuable resources or not? can you become a significant figure that brings people to modern civilization as it is now? Join this game and build your country to become prosperous.

Features of Civilization:

  • Unique 3D graphics and fresh colors.
  • Exciting third-person game.
  • There are many different resources.
  • Single-player.

How to play:

  • Use the mouse to control.
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