Civiballs Origins


Civiballs Origins is an Egyptian-themed physics game. The goal is simple: try to get all of the balls into the same coloured vases as the balls.

You will be transported into a universe where funny creatures that look like balls live and are classified into several types. They differ in colour. Some of them fell into a trap one day, and it's your job to help them get out! There will be an area in front of you on the screen with characters scattered around it, and baskets (of various colours) can be seen at different distances from other characters. The goal is for one character type to enter each basket at the same time. To accomplish this, use the grey hero dangling from a rope - you'll need to accurately calculate certain parameters and cut the rope before it falls onto others and pushes them inside baskets.


  • Several appealing upgrade features are expected to be available to players.
  • There are several rounds with tasks ranging from simple to difficult.
  • Bonus points will be saved for future use in a data warehouse.
  • Beautiful aesthetics and interface, as well as current functionality.

How to play

Use mouse.

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