Cheating Exam

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About Cheating Exam


Cheating Exam is a funny puzzle game featuring 15 levels. Attempt to find help from other students in the class to cheat to pass the exam easily.

Today, you have an exam. However, you didn't learn the lesson yesterday. What will you do? Of course, it is time to cheat. You must find the correct target in the class and then throw paper. Use the left click to aim and measure the power. You will get the cheat paper if the target is correct. Then, click and hold the Cheat button to start cheating. Watch out for the teacher! You should check the mini-map before taking action. Attempt to stay away from the view sight of the teacher and nerd. Note that knocking down the nerd would be effective as you can get a surprising thing. When the fan is switched on, it changes all throwing directions. Be careful!

Featuring 15 levels with varying degrees of difficulty, this game will bring you moments of excitement and thrill. If you are keen on this game, let's check out How Many: Quiz Game, Squicky, and Geometry Dash on our website.

How to control

Click the left mouse button to play.