Cat Safari 2


Cat Safari 2 is a puzzle-cat game in which you combine two of the same cats to create a new breed of unique cats. You must thoroughly analyze all of them.

Cat Evolution:

Take control of evolution in Cat Safari, a cat game with a totally unique gaming concept. As boxes magically arrive, explore the vast meadows that make up the stunning backdrop of this cat app. Allow the cats within to roam free and unite like specimens to create stunning new felines for your fields. CatSafari has easy gaming controls, allowing you to combine cats with a simple swiping gesture on your smartphone, tablet, iPhone, or iPad.


  • Many wonderful cat breeds are available for fusing! From ordinary house cats to exotic types and fierce predators, we have it all.
  • Animal images and animations that are both entertaining and adorable.
  • In-game money gained by selling virtual pets to consumers
  • New feline game challenges.
  • Captivating gameplay, a unique game concept, and a one-of-a-kind location.

Who developed cat safari 2?

Cat safari 2 was developed by upjers.

When cat safari 2 was released?

Cat Safari 2 was released in April 2022.

How to play:

To get a cat, use the left mouse button to open the box. Drag the left mouse button to combine two of the same cat.

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