Bricks Breaker

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About Bricks Breaker


Bricks Breaker is a hot arcade game that attracts millions of players. Eliminate as many numbered bricks as possible and gain the highest possible score.

This game is played by controlling the ball fun to shoot at the numbered bricks at the top of the screen. Whenever the ball from the gun touches the brick, the number on the brick will lose one point. It will explode when this number reaches zero. Do your best to eliminate as many bricks as possible to gain the highest score. Invite your friends to play with you and challenge them to beat your highest score. If you are keen on this game, what about trying Brick Breaker Endless, Idle Pinball Breakout, and Geometry Dash on our website?

How to control: Click and hold the left mouse button to aim.

Available game modes in Bricks Breaker

Two game modes including Endless Mode and Level Mode. The Endless Mode required you to remove an unlimited number of bricks. The Level mode features 300 levels with varying degrees of difficulty. They are divided into 30 packs. Each pack has 10 levels. Do your best to complete all levels and accumulate enough 300 stars.