Boom Push


Use your teammates to push bombs in the game Boom Push. You need to bring more people here to help you push the bomb and don't let the other side outnumber you.

Each player has three palaces, one large castle and two smaller castles. Three booms will appear in sequence, and you must push them into the courts of your opponent to damage them.

More and more stickmen are required to push the booms. As a result, use the mouse to collect the stickmen. If you have more stickmen than your opponent, you can push the boom into their territory. The final winner will be the person who destroys the most castles. After gathering the stickmen, approach the boom and push it. Don't get too caught up in being stronger and forget about push boom. Your castles can be destroyed at any time by your enemies.

How to play:

Mouse or tap to play.

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