Bob The Robber

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About Bob The Robber


Welcome to Bob The Robber which is an awesome stealth game! Control a robber to sneak into different rooms to steal valuable treasure and escape safely.

In this game, you will participate in the robbery plan with Bob who is a dangerous robber. Your mission is to help Bob to sneak into different rooms to steal the valuable treasure. You have to be careful with the security cameras, guards and laser detectors. If you get caught, the plan is over. Therefore, you should stand in the shadows or hit the guards before they catch you. Try to find out the lever to turn off the laser detectors. You can find out some note papers on the wall. Read them carefully to unlock the doors. Do your best to reach the target room safely and steal the treasure. After stealing successfully, you have to find out the exit door to escape. If you can escape successfully, you are qualified to step up to the next level.

Like Bridal Race 3D, this game also has many levels. Specifically, there are 5 levels with different degrees of difficulty. Try to complete all of them and become the best robber in the city.

How to control

  • Use WASD or Arrow keys to move.
  • Use W or Up arrow to read the note papers / to go upstairs / to search around the area that you think contains money.
  • Press and hold W or Up arrow to unlock the locked doors.
  • Use Space to hit the robots, butlers, cops... to make them temporarily unconscious.