To win in, the player must finish first. When your character crosses the finish line, the only thing that matters is where he or she is on the floor.

In a track and field competition, the player controls a faceless character. The main task is to get from the starting line to the finish line. To win, master the game's main feature: collecting floorboards and creating your own path.

These splinters of wood are the only thing that can help the player win the race and take first place. Hundreds of them will be thrown around once the match begins. Collect them as you move forward to the finish line. The path you run on is not always straight, but rather curvy. This makes it easy to trip and fall and be disqualified.

To construct your own path to victory, concentrate on your main objective and gather as many floorboards as you can. Avoid trying to stockpile them because rival players will use any available wood to encircle you. Every time you see a good angle, take a shortcut.

Keep in mind that your character is constantly moving. It can only be turned left or right. Use your computer mouse or touchscreen to control the racer's direction at all times. Without floorboards, falling off the edges will result in disqualification. In order to automatically create a shortcut whenever you deviate from the path, try to have at least a few of them.


Use the mouse.

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