Blocky Roads Online


Get ready to join exciting car races with Noob in Blocky Roads Online. Drive your car to crush everything on the road and reach the finish line quickly.

This game features 20 levels with increasing degrees of difficulty. Each level has a distinct mission. For example, at Level 2, you have to deliver two wooden boxes. Be careful! If both boxes drop out of the trailer of the car, the game is over. At Level 3, your task is to drive your car to crush all zombies along the way. At level 4, you are required to dodge swinging giant balls on the path and reach the finish line as soon as possible. Do your best to beat all levels to prove that you are the best driver. Accumulate as many coins as possible to upgrade the speed, jump, gas, and time. Come on! Join the game now and have fun. If you enjoy this game, be sure to check out Ultimate Offroad Car 2, Draw Car Road, Geometry Dash, and Masks Heroes Racing Kid on our website.

How to control

Hold the left mouse button to increase the speed.

Release the left mouse button to stop.

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