Birds Vs Blocks


Birds Vs Blocks is a unique game in which you must allow a flock of birds to fly as far as possible. Direct your flock of small birds along the path.

The flock of birds must pass through the fewest people possible. Shield and bullet powers have been added to make the game more exciting. Because of the fantastic sound effects, playing Birds Vs Blocks is a lot of fun. Let's start tearing down some walls right now. Brick rows will obstruct your path. In this skill game, you will be tested in the following areas: Each block has a number next to it that represents the number of birds that must be sacrificed in order to break through. Swivel and hammer your way through as few blocks as possible. You will be removed from the game if you run out of birds.

How to play Birds vs Blocks?

Each obstacle is labeled with a number. This figure represents the number of birds required to overcome this obstacle. The game ends when the player runs out of birds. Collecting the numbered circles allows the player to replenish the number of birds on the team. The more birds the player receives, the higher the number.

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