Basketball Stars


Play Basketball Stars to join exciting basketball matches with other players. Control your character to steal the ball and throw it into the rival's basket.

In this game, you will participate in basketball matches with other players. Your mission is to control your character to throw the ball into the opposite team's basket to score one point. Besides, you also need to defend and stop your rivals from doing the same thing to you. Try to gain as many points as possible before the time is over. The allotted time of each basketball match is one minute. After one minute, the team who has more points will be the winner.

This game offers three game modes including 1 Player, 2 Players and Quick Match. Choose one of the game modes and start playing now. If you are a big fan of sports games like Sports Minibattles Games, this game is a perfect fit for you. If you enjoy this game, I recommend you to play Geometry Dash which is also an exciting game on our website

How to control


  • Press WASD keys to move
  • Press a V key for a super shot
  • Press a B key for a shot or action
  • Press an S key to pump
  • Press a D key twice to dash


  • Press ARROW KEYS to move
  • Press a K key for a super shot
  • Press a L key for a shot or action
  • Press a Down Arrow Key to pump
  • Press a Left Arrow Key twice to dash
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