Alpha Guns

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About Alpha Guns


Alpha Guns is a 2D side-scrolling shooter with unique mechanics and gameplay. You begin with Max and his pistol, you can unlock new characters.

The game starts out easy, but the levels quickly become much more difficult, and they are a true test of your nerves and accuracy. To finish them, you must devise a strategy and act quickly! If you want to earn more dog cards and free lives, you can replay previous levels and perfect them.

Everyone is familiar with the game Metal Slug, which was inspired by the dwarf Rambo game Metal Slug. In the game, you'll be joining the dwarf Rambo in dangerous battles. To free the country, you must destroy the enemy army.


Rendered Ideas made this game.


  • Move: left or right arrow.
  • Look up or down: up or down arrow.
  • A to jump.
  • S to shoot.