2048 X2 Merge Blocks


Welcome to 2048 X2 Merge Blocks which is an endless puzzle game. Merge two or more blocks of the same number to create a new one with a higher number.

In the game, you will see many blocks dropping from the top. Place them on one of five columns on the playing field. If two or more blocks of the same number are next to each other, they will be combined and new blocks with a higher number will be created. Do your best to combine as many blocks as possible to gain the highest possible. Keep in mind that the game is over if the playing field is full of blocks. Therefore, try to arrange the blocks appropriately.

This game will put your logical thinking to the test. Play it now and share it with your friends. If you enjoy this game, what about checking out 2048, Geometry Dash, and Merge Blast on our website?

How to control

Use the mouse to control the blocks.

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