Geometry Dash


Geometry Dash is a fast-paced, rhythm-based action platformer where you left-click the screen to guide a cube through a gauntlet of obstacles. Get ready for wonderful adventures in this mysterious world. In this adventure, you will transform into different characters, such as a cube, a ball, a ship, or a UFO. You must jump over a variety of spiked traps to go as far as possible. Be careful! As the frequency of obstacles is high. Therefore, the quick reflex is an important factor if you want to win the game. Control the character to jump as high as possible to evade the spikes. You can see many jump pads and jump rings which are scattered along the way. Jump on them to make a higher jump. Do your best to go the furthest distance and earn the highest possible score. In addition to getting a high score, your objective in this game is also to collect three secret coins at each level. You can find out them along the way. Try your best to grab all of them.

Play the game now to experience the thrilling feeling. Featuring simple mechanics and stunning 2D graphics, this game is suitable for players of all ages. You can play it online on our website for free.

How to control: Click the left mouse or the Spacebar to jump.

Effective strategies to get a high score in the game

Actually, this game is more difficult than it looks. Besides a quick reflex, you also need to build your strategies if you want to get a high score in the game. Here are some useful tactics that I suggest.

  • Don't try to collect secret coins at all costs: The secret coins are often located at tricky places, which makes you crash into the obstacles easily. It is not worth costing your effort and life for these coins. Therefore, you can sometimes give up grabbing the coins.
  • Turn off the music: Although the music is said to boost your mood while playing the game, it can make you distracted. Therefore, sometimes you can turn it off.
  • Always stay alert: As the obstacles appear densely, you must always stay alert. Put your fingers on the screen or the mouse at all times. Get ready to make the character jump as soon as it comes close to the obstacles.

All levels and achievements in Geometry Dash

All levels in the game

This game offers 21 official levels. There are three basic levels including Stereo Madness, Back On Track, and Polargeist in the game. All of them are unblocked. Therefore, you can choose one of them to start your exciting adventure with a square character now. Note that each level has distinct features and degrees of difficulty. Here is the list of the levels in the game.

  • Stereo Madness: It is the first and easiest level in the game. At this level, the character starts with the cube form with sequences involving blocks and spikes with simple jumping patterns. From 30% to 48% and from 85% to 100%, it will change to the ship form which can fly through obstacles. In addition, three secret coins in this level will appear at 50%, 75%, and 98%. Try to grab all of them and get the highest possible score.
  • Back On Track: It is the second level which is easy to play.  Unlike the first level, this level introduces the yellow jump pad. This jump pad helps the character jump higher to overcome dangerous obstacles. However, it is also a potential hazard. Therefore, you must be careful. From 50% to 66%, the character will transform into a single ship form and fly. At this level, you can find three secret coins at 41%, 55%, and 84%.
  • Polargeist: It is the third level which is more challenging than the first and second levels. One new thing at this level is a yellow jump ring which helps the character make double jumps. You can utilize it to overcome long obstacles. Furthermore, three secret coins at the level are located at 44%, 63%, and 77%. Try your best to collect all of them.

All achievements

This running game features many achievements that you are expected to complete. You need to click on the Trophy button and then the list of achievements will be presented. Attempt to complete all of them to gain Icon Kit rewards. Here are some dominant achievements in the game and tips to gain them.

  • Stereo Jump: You must complete Stereo Madness in Practice Mode to earn this achievement.
  • Stereo Madness!: To get this achievement, you need to finish the level Stereo Madness in Normal Mode.
  • On My Way: Try to finish the level Back On Track in Practice Mode to get this achievement.
  • Back On Track!: To gain this achievement, you have to accomplish the level Back On Track in Normal Mode
  • Polarbear: If you want to gain this achievement, you must complete Polargeist in Practice mode.
  • Polargeist!: Do your best to finish the level Polargeist in the Normal Mode to earn this achievement.
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