Geometry Dash

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Geometry Dash is a high-speed action game rhythm-based platformer developed by RobTop. Control a block with left-clicks to pass through tons of obstacles.

The first version of Geometry Dash is a series of music platforming video games developed by Robert Topala. On, we have many updated about music and theme.

Your task is to control a square and jump through a series of spiky obstacles to reach the end of levels - movement-shifting transporters without trace into any spikes.

Jump through dangerous obstacles in a music-themed action platform game. If you catch an obstacle, you will have to restart. In each level completed will increase the difficulty.

Let's overcome all of the game's challenges with lightning speed. The importance of timing in the game, do not to touch the spikes. You must leap at the right time to avoid spikes.

Improve your skills and flexibility with fast-paced. Play, test your skills, and enjoy. Fly and jump in Geometry Dash world while listening to music along the way so exciting.

Play game for free online on - with 21 levels.

Features of Geometry Dash

  • Challenging levels increase to almost impossible.
  • Simple to control and addictive gameplay.
  • The game synced with the rhythm of music.

How to controls

  • SPACE/UP Arrow/ left click = Jump
  • HOLD DOWN SPACE/UP Arrow = Multi-jump
  • UP Arrow = Steer vehicle up
  • DOWN Arrow = Steer vehicle down

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